Saint-Cassien Lake

Lac de Saint-Cassien Providing a welcome source of cool air during the summer, Saint-Cassien Lake is the most visited site in the Pays de Fayence area. There are many activities available over its 420 hectares including:

  • Water Games, pedalos, inflatable games
  • Fishing
  • Rowing
  • Hiking
  • Eating

Originally intended for the production of hydroelectric energy, the lake has become a much-appreciated spot for enjoying leisure activities. Yet, it still remains fragile and visitors are kindly asked to keep this in mind and to respect not only the site but also its flora and fauna.

Leisure activities and Eating

LE ROCHER DE L’AMERICAIN (eating and leisure facilities)


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OKWIDE LA PLAGE (eating and leisure facilities)

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LE PRÉ CLAOU (eating and leisure facilities)


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BRASSERIE DU LAC (eating and leisure facilities)

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CHEZ PIERRE (eating and leisure facilities)


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LES ARBOUSIERS (eating and leisure facilities)

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BASE D’AVIRON DE SAINT-CASSIEN (Leisure facilities - Rowing)

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Fishing :

LA FARIO (leisure facilities - Fishing)

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LA BELLE MOUCHETÉE (leisure facilities - Fishing)

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The Lake

Lac de Saint-Cassien Lac de Saint-Cassien Lac de Saint-Cassien Lac de Saint-Cassien
With its very unusual shape, the lake spreads over 4 communes: Tanneron, Montauroux, Callian and Les Adrets de l’Estérel. It is fed with water from the Maraval and Fontesante streams in the south, from the Riou Fer in the east, from the Ermite, the Camiole and the Biançon in the west and in the north through a by-canal of the Siagne.

Lake Fact Sheet :
> area: 420 hectares
> Length from north to south: 7 kms
> Width from east to west: 3,5 kms
> Maximum capacity : 60 .000.000 m3

Fondurane reserve

On the east side of the Lake is the Fondurane Ecological Reserve. Managed by CEN Paca (Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Nature Conservatory), the reserve shelters a wide variety of birds (182 different species observed) as well as pond terrapins, Red-rumped swallows, forged cork oaks and turkey oaks.

The site is accessible to all the family and after walking around the reserve for half an hour, you can watch the many species that nest in this part of the lake from the observatory.

Réserve de Fondurane Réserve de Fondurane
La découverte du site est très accessible pour les familles. Après 30 mn de marche dans la réserve, un observatoire vous permettra de découvrir les nombreuses espèces qui nichent sur cette partie du Lac.

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Access to the lake

> By motorway A8 (from Aix or Nice) : Exit 39 « Fayence/Les Adrets » then take the direction of Montauroux. The beaches on the St. Cassien lake are visible all along the road.
> From Draguignan/Pays de Fayence : Take the Draguignan road (D562) in direction of Montauroux.
> From Grasse : : Take the Grasse road (D2552) in the direction of Montauroux.

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The lake is remarkable for fishing of all kinds, but especially carp, predatory and large fish, of which there are many fine examples concealed within its waters. From bleak fishing on the surface to using float-tubes, Saint-Cassien lake is a Mecca for all anglers!

Water activities: Fishing

The dam

The lake was created in 1966 and is the result of the construction of the dam on the Biançon river, a tributary of the Siagne, on the border between the Var and Alpes Maritimes departments. The role of the dam is mainly to produce electricity but also to provide water to the inhabitants of the Var and the west of the Alpes-Maritimes. It also plays an important role in flood control.

Dam Fact Sheet : 
> height : 66 metres 
> Length  : 210 metres

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